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Engage & Learn Implementation Team (ELITE) Members


UGA is highly distributed, and this initiative needs engagement across all units of our campuses in order to succeed. Consequently, we will establish a network of individuals across schools, colleges and units who will help guide and lead the implementation this program. This network will be called the Engage & Learn Implementation Team (ELITE). In tandem with HR liaisons and Chief Business Officers, Members of the ELITE team will help lead their respective units through adoption of the new tools and resources that will be available through the Engage & Learn initiative. These individuals will make a substantial positive impact on their units’ organizational development.   


Roles and Responsibilities: 

  • Serve as a key communication link between the university community (schools, colleges and units) and the Engage & Learn project teams 

  • Share project-related messages. Keep the UGA community updated on the status of all Engage & Learn projects and key upcoming milestones 

  • Provide strategic context on how all projects withing Engage & Learn are connected and collectively aimed at strengthening overall staff professional development 

  • Solicit peer feedback; serve as the eyes, ears and voice of Engage & learn; provide feedback to the project team and overall program leadership 

  • Be visible ambassadors for the Engage & Learn projects; champion the initiative(s) within and beyond your school, college or unit 

  • Participate in ELITE team meetings 

  • Bring forward your issues or concerns to the project teams and/or program leadership 


Criteria for Selection: 

  • An established and respected member of the unit, college or school 

  • Comfortable speaking candidly and openly with others, both individually and in a group 

  • Able to listen attentively and ask targeted questions to effectively surface issues, concerns or questions 

  • Has a good understanding of unit, college or school operations and communication channels 

  • Able to work and communicate effectively across all levels in the organization (managers, directors, non-exempt, etc.) 

  • Willing to commit the time and effort to participate in ELITE meetings, lead discussions among peers, and be an active member of the Engage & Learn community 


ELITE Members: